UT Receives $10 Million from the Office of Naval Research

The University of Texas received $10 million last month from the Office of Naval Research to continue work on the science and development of an electric ship. The grant is part of a five-year, $52 million program coordinated with Florida State University, Mississippi State University, and the University of South Carolina aimed at acquiring the capability to deploy a fully electric fighting force.

At UT, the money will be allocated between the College of Engineering, the Center for Electromechanics, and the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL). ARL-UT is one of only four U.S. military connected University Affiliated Research Centers in the country.

Weapon-oriented electromechanics research is nothing new at UT. Researchers at the University have been working on the development of advanced weapons such as the electromagnetic gun for years. Currently, the Pentagon envisions lightweight, electrically based battalions that because of their efficiency will enable the military to intervene more frequently. The latest installment of Defense Department money will, in part, allow for the realization of this goal through the integration of UT's advanced weapons research with its interest in electric vehicles and transportation.