Friends of the University PAC

UT's Got "Friends"

One of the biggest contributing political action committees in Texas is UT's Friends of the University PAC. In 1997-98 it spent $136,855 and ranked in the top 100 PACs in Texas. In 2000 it spent $74,500, although many of its donors contributed to UTs Texans for Proposition 17, which added a constitutional amendment modifying the law regarding the investment of the Permanent University Fund managed through UTIMCO.

This PAC has donors ranging from many of the Regents, such as Rita Clements, former UT presidents like William 'Dollar Bill' Cunningham and other UT notables.

During the 78th Legislature the Friends of the University were very busy. House Speaker Craddick received $5,000 from the "friends". Not suprising he adamantly pushed UT's agenda, especially tuition deregulation. Students had effectively killed deregulation, but in a closed door meeting with Dewhurst and a few others, Craddick revived and shoved deregulation down the throats of legislators and Texans.

Another target of PAC spending has been John Doner and Associates. In 1997 they worked to add Proposition 17 to the ballot. In a "grassroots" campaign John Doner & Associates set up phonebanking across Texas to win support among voters and won Prop 17 in 1999.

Washington doesn't have a monopoly on money in politics, right here in Austin, UT has its own "Friends".

Friends of the University PAC recent contributions

Period 10/27/2002- 12/31/2002(pdf) (selected recipients)

12-02-2002: Tom Craddick- $5,000.00
11-21-2002: Teel Bivins-$3,000.00
12-02-2002: David Dewhurst-$5,000.00
11-21-2002: Rodney Ellis-$2,000.00
11-21-2002: Troy Fraser-$3,000.00
11-21-2002: Chris Harris-$2,000.00
11-21-2002: Eddie Lucio-$3,000.00
11-21-2002: Jane Nelson-$2,000.00
11-21-2002: Steve Ogden-$1,000.00
11-21-2002: Todd Staples-$2,00.00
11-21-2002: Leticia Van de Putte-$2,000.00

Period 9/27/2002- 10/26/2002(pdf) (all recipients of PAC $ listed)

10-25-2002: Royce West-$2,000.00
10-25-2002: Florence Shapiro-$3,000.00
10-22-2002: John Doner and Associates-$8,861.68

Period 7/1/2002- 9/26/2002(pdf) (all recipients of PAC $ listed)

8-30-2002: Geanie Morrison-$500.00
7-24-2002: Judith Zaffirini-$3,000.00
8-06-2002: John Doner and Associates-$4,095.00
8-19-2002: John Doner and Associates-$4,000.00
8-06-2002: Mike Millsap-$527.46

Friends of the University PAC contributions to John Doner and Associates January-April 2003(pdf) (all recipients of PAC $ listed)

1-13-2003 $4,000.00 (monthly service fee)
2-26-2003 $4,000.00 (monthly service fee)
4-15-2003 $500.00 (speakers council)
4-15-2003 $10,102.50 (printing and postage for fundraiser letter)
4-15-2003 $3,000.00 (monthly service fee)
4-15-2003 $3,000.00 (monthly service fee)