UT Paychecks

Selected salaries:

President Larry Faulkner: $464,352.

Head Football Coach Mack Brown: $1.7 million.

Former Head Football Coaches John Mackovic (in addition to a $643,000 check for leaving) and Tom Penders: Memberships to Barton Creek Country Club

UT System Chancellor Mark Yudof: $468,000, with a total annual compensation package of $796,319 that includes a house and an $8,400 car allowance. This makes him the highest paid public university leader in the nation.

UTIMCO Manager Bob "turn-us-around" Boldt: $400,000, plus the possibility for $360,000 in performance-based bonuses. (Compare this to the billions UTIMCO has lost.)

Special Adviser to the Chancellor Dan Burck: $386,198

Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Teresa Sullivan: $265,000

Executive Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs Kerry Kennedy: $270,000

Acting Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs James Guckian: $300,901

Vice Chancellor for Administration Tonya Moten Brown: $218,400

Vice Chancellor for Community Relations John De La Garza Jr.: $160,000

Vice Chancellor for Development and External Relations Shirley Bird Perry: $212,676

Vice Chancellor for Educational System Alignment Ed Sharpe: $230,000

Vice Chancellor and General Counsel Mike Godfrey: $216,320

Vice Chancellor for Governmental Relations and Policy Ashley Smith: $284,000

Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs Mike McKinney: $375,000

Vice Chancellor for Federal Relations Bill Shute: $176,800

Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Regents Francie Frederick: $200,000

Source: UT System pay drawing closer look

UT Lobbyists, ahem, Governmental Relations: Former state Sen. David Sibley: $80,632 (for 10 months of work). Lawyer Sandy Kress: $52,774. Ashley Smith, former advisor to Rick Perry, will get $284,000 a year and $8,400 for a car allowance. The problem? State agencies in Texas are not allowed to employ lobbyists! (UT is able to do this simply by giving them a different title: "vice chancellors for governmental relations").

- Austin American Statesman (12/15/02)

Minimum Wage for UT Staff Members: $15,204.

"According to the Texas Faculty Association study released on Sept. 15, 2002, the average 2002 base salary for chancellors is $332,000, a 54 percent gain in real dollars over their 1992 average salaries. The average 2002 base salary for university presidents is $206,000, a 34 percent increase in real dollars over 10 years ago.

By contrast, the average 2002 salary for full professors is $80,500, an 11 percent increase in real dollars since 1992. The average 2002 salary for assistant professors is $49,800, a 10.8 percent increase during the 10-year period.

"Frankly, we were surprised by the magnitude of the salary gap and how much it has widened over the years," said Charles Zucker, executive director of the Austin-based Texas Faculty Association, which lobbies and provides legal assistance for faculty members at state institutions.

But the figures don't paint the full picture. Chancellors and presidents in Texas often receive perks, such as deferred compensation, houses, car allowances and club memberships that most professors would never see.

- Houston Chronicle Sept. 15, 2002