Deregulate Administrative Salaries

Institution Name Salary Car House Other Compensation Years Covered Total
State Private Sources
U. of Texas at Austin Larry R. Faulkner $65,945 $194,876 $8,400 from private sources $78,000 from private sources (private sources) $93,000 in deferred compensation;
(private sources) $5,313 for club memberships;
(private sources) $18,818 for a maid
2003-4 $464,352
U. of Texas System Mark G. Yudof $70,231 $397,769 $8,400 from private sources provided by U. (private sources) $150,000 in deferred compensation;
(private sources) $15,652 in supplemental life insurance
2003-4 $642,052

-Table adapted from the Chronicle of Higher Education ( Additions to the table are in bold. Faulkner's salary from private sources increased to $194,876 following a Board of Regents meeting on August 7, 2003, in addition to a maid valued at $18,818. Mark Yudof's salary from private sources increased to $397,769 following a Board of Regents meeting on July 7, 2003. To his credit, he did donate a fraction of the raise to an endowment. His supplemental life insurance also increased from $14,739 to $15,652.

Deregulate Mark Yudof's Salary

When the regents gave Yudof the raise, they claimed they were simply 'complying' with state mandates for pay raises for their decision. On the other hand, faculty and staff are not receiving pay raises until at least Spring 2004, and around 500 faculty and staff members at UT-Austin alone were laid off during the summer of 2003. In light of this, the System could benefit from Yudof's salary if it was deregulated. Yudof can expect $642,052 for the 2003-04 school year, above and beyond other chancellors in Texas. The average pay for chancellors in Texas is $332,019, according to the Texas Faculty Association. If Mark Yudof's salary was deregulated, then his pay could be driven towards the established benchmark and money could be freed up for needy areas. The total amount of extra money would be $310,033. This money could be used for scholarships for needy students or for faculty and staff pay increases. Yudof wouldn't even need to lose his perks or benefits (not to mention the his free stay at the Bauer House, a mansion in West Austin), and he could be making the same as others in the state.

"…administrative budgets at public universities have increased at almost three times the rate of increase in instructional budgets. Critics are incredulous that higher-education officials cannot find more fat to trim when other state agencies are compelled to absorb large budget reductions."

-Mark Yudof, then-Law School Dean. May 13, 1992. The Chronicle of Higher Education.