All systems go! returns from the darkness

UT Watch apologizes for the delay in providing you the propaganda you so desperately deserve and need. Our site was down for several days due to the thorough amateurness of domain name providers. During this period of information blackout UT Watch was not sitting idly by. No, in fact we were keeping quite close tabs on the University of Texas from our bunker inside the steam tunnels, poking our way through reams of arcane documents stored in the Tower, harassing administrators during their trysts at Jeffrey's, and occasionally sending our periscope to the surface to make sure the YCT was behaving itself on West Mall.

In the future, we hope to continue giving you flawless, peerless, matchless, nonpareil, ur-watchdog reporting and rulings on the politics of the University of Texas at Austin - the greatest university in the great state of Texas! Hook 'em!