Texas A&M Students to Protest Board of Regents Meeting

from Press Release
March 22, 2005

COLLEGE STATION- Texas A&M students today announced plans to protest the upcoming meeting of the Texas A&M Board of Regents to be held Thursday, March 24 in room 292 of the Memorial Student Center at Texas A&M University. The Regents will be voting to approve a "flat rate" tuition policy where all full time students will pay for 15 semester credit hours as well as authorize Texas A&M University to raise tuition rates by up to $19 per semester credit hour, from $74.50 to $93.50.

The protest will begin at 8:30 am outside the Memorial Student Center in the Rudder Fountain area. The protest will conclude at 9:30am so students may attend the tuition hearing.

Mark McCaig, the organizer of the protest, stated "We must send a loud and clear message to the Regents that Aggies cannot afford yet another massive tuition increase. The "flat rate" proposal being considered by the Regents punishes students who are having to work their way through school or have enough credits from high school as to graduate on time without having to take 15 hours a semester. Students should not be forced to pay for classes they are not taking. While I do believe that Texas A&M should take steps to increase their 4 year graduation rate, "flat rate" tuition is not the way to go."

McCaig continued, "The proposed increase of the tuition rate by as much as 25% serves as yet another example of the disastrous effect that tuition deregulation has had on students and families across the state. We call upon the Regents to consider the thousands of Aggies like myself who have thousands of dollars in student loans who do not want to be tied down with debt just so they can attend Texas A&M and vote against this increase. Many students simply cannot afford another tuition increase, especially if it is coupled with "flat rate" tuition."

Contact: Mark McCaig, 281.222.0585,