Response to misleading firing line

Re: "Support Los Alamos" The Daily Texan 5/3/2004

Dear Gerardo, Courtney and Grant,

I would like to clear something up. The quotes you use for the meat of your firing line Monday, actually refer to Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Lawrence Berkeley (LBNL) not to be confused with Los Alamos (LANL), resides down the road from UC-Berkeley, hence the "mechanisms and incentives that make it much easier for researchers from the labs to interact with the campuses, and especially with students." Because of its physical proximity and unclassified research, which allows for open publishing, unlike the situation with Los Alamos, Lawrence Berkeley works closely with UC-Berkeley.

Its important to note that although the UC Academic Council's Special Committee on the National Laboratories (ACSCONL) clearly supports continued management of Lawrence Berkeley it "has not taken a position on whether UC should continue to manage Livermore and Los Alamos, which conduct classified nuclear-weapon and other national-security-related research."

I'm sure this was just an honest mistake and I appreciate counter-arguments. This is exactly why a real and substantive dialogue needs to happen on campus.
The article can be found at:
The Berkeleyan 4/15/2004

Nick Schwellenbach
History senior and UT Watch member