TWU to increase tuition rate, fees

Regents vote for total of $18 more per credit hour, effective next fall

By Matthew Zabel / Staff Writer
Denton Record-Chronicle
Saturday, November 13, 2004

Tuition and fees at Texas Woman’s University will together increase by $18 per semester credit hour in August, the Board of Regents voted Friday.

The hourly increase includes $12 per credit hour tuition and a $6 per hour technology fee. The board also voted to increase dorm room rates by about 5 percent and meal plan rates by an average of 4.7 percent. All the increases take effect in August.

The tuition increase brings TWU’s undergraduate tuition to $121 per credit hour for fall 2005, barring an additional state-mandated increase.

Dr. Ann Stuart, TWU’s chancellor and president, said that while the university wants to remain affordable, it’s also important that it be viewed as a high-quality institution. Some people view the quality of the institution based on how much it costs, she said.

"To be the cheapest perhaps was not good for us," Stuart said. "We’ve had this discussion over the last three or four years, and the regents have charged us not to be the most expensive, but to be in the top half or third."

Russell Mariott, president of TWU’s Student Government Association, said he agrees with Stuart’s analysis to a point. Some believe they are getting a better education if they pay more for it; others are looking for the least expensive education they can get.

"They’ve been keeping both those sides in mind, and sort of giving us the best of both worlds," Mariott said, even though students generally won’t like paying more.

TWU increased its tuition from $92 to $107 per credit hour in January after the Legislature began allowing universities in 2003 to set their own tuitions. The state mandated another $2 increase at all state universities effective this fall.

The $121 tuition rate is $2 less than the University of North Texas’, and equal to the University of Texas at Arlington’s, according to a chart TWU officials compiled for the meeting.

Dr. Brenda Floyd, vice president for finance and administration, said she expects several other state universities to increase their tuitions for next fall, but "even if other schools don’t raise their tuitions, we are still very competitive even with this increase."

The technology fee increase from $10 to $16 per hour will help pay for faster connections in the TWU computer network and for upgrading some of the computers on campus, said Bill Palmertree, vice president for information services.

He anticipates the increase could generate another $1.4 million a year.

New room rates will range from $1,402 to $2,363 per semester and meal plans will cost between $930 and $1,180.

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