UT raises tuition for most campuses

Houston Chronicle, Austin Bureau
March 11, 2005

AUSTIN - The University of Texas regents approved another round of tuition increases for most campuses on Thursday and made UT-Austin the first public school in Texas to institute flat-rate tuition for all undergraduates.

The flat-rate plan, which includes all tuition, mandatory fees and other required academic costs, will charge full-time students the same amount no matter how many course hours they take. The Texas Legislature deregulated tuition in 2003. With Thursday's increases, seniors attending UT-Austin this fall who take 14 hours a semester, considered a full load, will pay 45 percent more on average in tuition and fees than they did their freshman year. Average tuition for the 2005 fall semester will be $3,523, or 4.7 percent higher than this year's average of $3,364 for 14 hours.

The tuition increases will generate about $17.5 million in additional revenue, $3.6 million of which will be added to the financial aid fund. The remaining money will go toward improving the teaching environment, preserving the facilities and keeping professors and researchers at UT, Faulkner said.

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