DOE starts process for lab competition

Contra Costa Times (California)
June 29, 2004 Tuesday
Washington, D.C.

The Department of Energy has started the process for competition to manage Los Alamos Laboratory.

A request for proposals, which will include the contract terms and conditions, is tentatively scheduled for release by late fall. The department has launched a Web site that will disseminate all information pertaining to the competition at

The lab has been run by the University of California since 1943. Last year, Congress signed an amendment requiring the DOE to hold open competitions for national labs whose contracts haven't been bid in 50 or more years. This includes the two other UC-run labs, Lawrence Livermore and Lawrence Berkeley.

The competition for Lawrence Berkeley is scheduled to be completed by January.

Earlier this month, the DOE decided to hold separate competitions for its two nuclear weapons labs, Los Alamos and Livermore and extended the Livermore contract for at least two years and possibly as long as three and a half years.