Police Brutality OK'd by Jury

For background on this case, please visit http://www.utwatch.org/oldnews/aas_bougietrial_11_29_04.html

- the following is compiled from e-mails after today's verdict

November 30, 2004

Well, Jon lost. Very frustrating. Under pressure to come up with a verdict within an hour, the jury came back in favor of the cops.

Sadly, none of the basic facts of what happened that night were really contested, but the jury apparently agreed with the cop's lawyer that his abusive behavior is a necessary part of the job.

Equally frustrating was their argument that the fact that Jon had a press conference the morning after the incident, and the fact that CCPJ members discussed together about how to respond (in other words because he tried to DO something about what happened to him) proves that Jon wasn't actually hurt or upset about what happened; it was just another opportunity to have "a cause." Disgusting.

We talked about it tonight, and probably will still have a press conference on campus on Thursday afternoon. Details are still being worked out, but if we go forward we'd be happy to have any of y'all join us there. We're glad at least the facts about what happened are on record and known among the public.

Let's continue to struggle together to defend our rights.

The people vote against the 1st amendment...again.

From what I could see at day's end, Wayne Krause & the groovy peeps at TX Civil Rights Project did all they could possibly do -- and the officer even confessed to having not complied with procedure (it's not like the jury based their decision on false premises).

Why did the jury answer "NO" that the officer did NOT use excessive force? One juror was nice enough afterwards to give Wayne 'advice on what they could do better' (that's the nice way of a lawyer asking, "what the f**k is wrong with you people that you subverted justice?") -- that if only Jon had just been hurt more -and had more medical evidence of such-- they might have considered it "excess force." There's apparently a particular number of stitches one has to receive to qualify, although he didn't state the number :p So maybe if instead of bashing his head against a wall; he shot and killed him, then perhaps THAT would be excessive for the grave crime of writing with chalk on a sidewalk.

Look for stories in the Statesman (probably a small bit in Metro as there was a feature today) - and the Daily Texan tomorrow. No camera crews were on hand at the end when I was there (4-5pm when jury went into deliberation and came back with a 20-30 minute verdict).

Guess after this last election, I shouldn't be surprised by the mindset of my fellow citizens. Ugggghhh.

The good fight continues, however.