Guide to what every freshman (and senior) should know

In this section, you will find hard-to-get information and helpful facts every UT student should know.

STEAM TUNNELS: Yup, they exist. But that's all we're telling you.

LARRY FAULKNER: CEO of University, Inc. His office is on the fourth floor of the Main building. It's protected by a full-time police officer, a locking barricade-like door, several security cameras, an elevator that can be shut off and layers and layers of bureaucracy.

ORANGE TAPE: It's like red tape, except orange.

"FREE SPEECH ZONES": A few areas on campus where you can exercise your constitutional rights... But be sure to reserve ahead of time

CCI: Campus and Community Involvement. UT's most petty bureaucracy. Go here to register a student group, steal office supplies, reserve a room or rally space, and see what other services are available to student groups

THE UNIVERSITY CO-OP: UT's bookstore monopoly. An ever-expanding extravaganza of burnt orange crap. Be sure to save all your receipts and turn them in for a rebate. It might be the only way the Co-op saves you a dime.

THE TOWER: Can't miss it. Also known as the big phallus in the sky... because it's always dicking you around.

THE DAILY TEXAN: Best minor-league imitation of corporate news in the South!

CONTUMACY: UT's very own right-wing rag. Gun reviews and bad taste!

SOUTH MALL STATUES: There's a reason they call it South mall. Visit Robert E. Lee and other Confederate war heroes. Be sure to find just the right angle on the George Washington statue: he appears to be holding his member.

HARRY RANSOM CENTER: A great place to see art and artifacts. Located at the corner of 21st and Guadalupe. A must-see for new UT students

OFFICE HOURS: Go you must if you ever expect to meet a professor at UT

LECTURE HALLS: Auditorium-sized classrooms where you'll be spending your first two years.

CELL PHONES: Turn them off!

BURNT ORANGE TAN: What many Longhorns do to show their school pride

THE CAPITOL: You can see it from many places on UT campus. Visit for a lesson in civics

SIXTH STREET: Between 5th street and 7th street. Be sure to take the E-bus to avoid drunk driving. Save the puking for home.

BICYCLES: They're everywhere. If you're a car driver, give bikes the right!

LOCAL BUSINESSES: One thing that makes Austin better than where you're from. Support them.

The Bevoware download page is available to anyone with a UTEID. One section provides FREE anti-virus, security firewall, programs that search and destroy files you don't want on your computer. There are other sections that can get you general programs increasingly important for websurfers. A Windows patch is also available, now needed to protect from harmful worms. The ITS patch page can also help.

Did you know that UT provides every student with 75 megabytes of personal webspace? Go to and follow the instructions. There are some interesting things you can do with this space, so play around with the site. You won't need disks if you work only off of computers with internet access, but having a backup isn't a bad idea.

The Undergraduate Library, located in the Flawn Academic Center (FAC), has computers with great programs that can help you do most anything. You'll need an IF Account. There are scanners on the third floor, and computers for general use on the second. Now that it's closed from midnight until 7am, you can use the computers on the ground floor. However, the UGL is only one library. Find one near you!

This page will be continually updated, so check in every once in a while. So contact us if there's something important not listed.