UT Expenditures

Infrastructure (Physical Plant):

UT runs contrary to national trends regarding university capital projects -
"Survey: Universities favor building repair over new construction", The Daily Texan (July 25, 2001)

UT's "environmentally sustainable" project just kept outgrowing its budget -
Houston Press by Jim Fleck (July 27, 2000)

List of Construction Projects for UT System institutions - considered for approval by the
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's Committee on Campus Planning (July 17, 2003).

UT System Design Approvals - considered by the Board of Regents (February 13, 2003)


Research Expenditures, FY 2002: Texas Public Universities and Health Related Institutions(pdf) -
report issued by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's
Division of Finance, Campus Planning, and Research (August 2003).


Contracts Reported to Texas State Agencies and Institutions of Higher Education, FY 2002(pdf) -
report issued by the Legislative Budget Board of Texas (December 2002) which lists all contracts
(as well as costs) regarding construction, consulting, major information systems, and professional services, etc.

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