The University Factory

our universities have become little more than factories, churning out consumer-producer drones. students are raw material for production - they are amalgamated, distilled, smelded, shaped by market forces, and then after four years booted out the door with a meaningless piece of paper, a pile of debt, and an expectation to join the System. faculty are bolted to the apparatus of the University Factory, forced to acquiesce to dictates of the almighty Tower, their voices silenced in the dollars and cents climate of the new University, Inc. Administrators the University Factory could not last a day without its workers, yet they are treated as third-rate citizens. the lowest common wage and the most uncommon hostility are all the Staff can expect for their labor. once temples of knowledge, Universities now listlessly serve the interests of the Economy and those who benefit from it.
Students Staff


"What is the task of all higher education?"

To turn men into machines.

"What are the means?"

Man must learn to be bored.

- Friedrich Nietzsche