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We came together to form a new student publication that questions the institution of journalism and mainstream news reporting. As students we feel it is our responsibility to disseminate vital information which often gets overlooked by other news sources. We use creativity in order to inform, finding new mediums to express ideas. We hope to inspire people to use this information to ignite change in the system. We won't remain stagnant in an outdated system.

The full issues require a PDF writer, such as Foxit Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

May 2003, Issue One(pdf)

October 2003, #2(pdf)

November 2003, #3(pdf)

February 2004, #4(pdf)

April 2004, #5(pdf)

September 2004, #6(pdf)

October 2004, #7(pdf)

February 2005, #8(pdf)

June 2005, #9(pdf)